Top Cash Paying Surveys Sites to Earn Money Online

United States Top Cash Paying Survey Sites List

Below is a list of best United States cash paying survey sites I summarized according to my five years personal online survey experience. It is a very good reference for anyone who wants to do online surveys to earn or win extra cash. 😀 It is also very helpful for anyone to directly join high paying survey panels.

  1. Lifepoints
  2. Pinecone Research
  3. Opinion Outpost
  4. Survey Junkie
  5. Paid ViewPoint
  6. Swagbucks
  7. MyPoints
  8. Toluna
  9. Product Report Card
  10. ClearVoice Surveys
  11. Survey Savvy
  12. MySoapBox
  13. Branded Surveys
  14. American Consumer Opinion
  15. E-Poll
  16. National Consumer Opinion
  17. SpringBoard America
  18. TellWut
  19. YouGov
  20. Ipsos i-Say
  21. LegerOpinion
  22. PrizeRebel
  23. PointClub Surveys
  24. TGM Panel
  25. Market Agent 
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39 thoughts on “Top Cash Paying Surveys Sites to Earn Money Online”

  1. Thank you very much for the listing of top paid surveys sites of US. I like taking surveys to make extra money in my spare time and I like some of the survey sites such as GlobalTestMarket and SurveyHead, etc. They are really good. I will keep following your blog periodically and get more information on other popular survey sites.

    • Taking surveys won’t make you rich but it will give you a nice extra income, maybe even pay a few bills every month.
      To make even more money, become part of focus groups whenever you get a chance – they pay around $50-$200.
      Another way to earn more is by taking part in product testing.
      I have tested everything from toothbrushes to air fresheners and that pay is not bad…usually $10-$75.

  2. I like your lists, they are clear and to the point. I can easily identify and register legitimate top paying survey sites from those scam or low paying survey sites to earn money from surveys directly. Thank you very much for the helpful lists.

  3. The US top cash paying survey site list is very helpful for US survey participants. Surveys sites listed as GlobalTestMarket, iPoll, Survey4Profit and Quality Health surveys are very good survey sites. Join the survey sites listed here really save me lots of time choosing the right ones for me. Definitely recommend!

  4. I am interested in joining the listed survey sites, especially the US top cash paying survey sites. I want to join the first 9 of the US list just to have a try. Hope I can earn some extra cash by doing surveys in my spare time! Thanks for the lists.

    • The top paying cash survey site lists are very helpful for choosing the right survey sites. It really saved me lots of time for me to find my own. Great info, support it.

  5. Hi, my name is Mary Alice Tapp. I want to work part time doing paid online surveys. I am having trouble registering Valued Opinion survey panel. Which is ranked No.12 on your US Top Paying Survey Site List. I hope I don’t have to pay for theses surveys because right now I am on a fix income so I can’t afford if I have to pay. If possible, can you tell me what are the days people usually get paid for the surveys they did and how much you usually get paid per hour doing online surveys? Thanks.

    • Dear Mary,
      Thank for your comment on my survey review and guidance blog. First, you do not need to pay to do online surveys, on the contrary, you get paid to do online surveys. When you register any legitimate and good survey panels, they will never charge you to become a member. Different survey panels have their own date to send out payment to members, usually you need to meet the minimum cash out amount before you can request payment. Some surveys are projects or discussion groups. These type of surveys usually pay you a lot higher than other type of surveys and the payment time and incentives are very different, depending on the nature of the surveys. But they will usually inform you when the survey will start and when it will end and when you should receive the payment and the detailed amount. You can easily register Valued Opinion survey panel from my website, it is ranked No.12 on my US top cash paying survey list. Simple click on the link and it will direct you to the registration page. Or you can click on the banner of Valued Opinion which is located at the right of the main page to register. Or click on the link at the very right bottom of the main page called “ValuedOpinion” which is under the SURVEY SITES column. If you still have a problem registering it, please give me your feedback and I will assist you. By the way, doing online surveys is not really a part time job, it is much more flexible than a part time job because you can do it with your own pace and your flexible schedule. I hope you enjoy the surveys!

  6. Hello, my name is Ruben and I am from Ecuador, South America. I would like to ask if you can introduce me to some good international survey companies that I may work with. I am 50 years old, retired and bilingual (Spanish and English). Thanks for your help.

    • Dear Ruben,
      Thank you very much for leaving comments on my survey reviews and guidance blog. Please scroll down the page of my website main page and see the “International Top Paying Surveys List”. No.4 and No.5 you definitely be able to register because they are international sites. After registering these 2, I would suggest you find the names in this list and find the link on the very right of the main page which is under the “Survey Sites” column. You can try to register relative sites on the “International Top Paying Surveys List” of your country from there. Just have a try and you probably can register more sites from there directly.

  7. I have been looking around for months for a viable method to make some money online. I came across your site which recommends for surveys. The information of top paying survey sites is very useful to me. Thank you.

  8. Hello,my name is Oluyemi Matthew and I am from Nigeria. I am very interested in doing paid online surveys and I want to join some good survey panels which accept my country. Please kindly recommend a reliable international top paying survey sites list to go for and any others that may spring up in the future. Thanks for your assistance.

    • Hello Matthew, Thank you for leaving comments on my website. You can definitely sign up the No.4 and No.5 on my “International Top Paying Surveys List” on the main page. You can also try to sign up the sites which I listed under the “Survey Sites” column on the right side of the main page. If you can sign up there, it means the survey panel accepts your country. If not, keep trying another one.

  9. Hello, my name is Veva and i am from Albania. I am really interested in doing paid online surveys and I want to join some panels that accept my country. Can you please recommend me a list of paying survey sites? Thank you for your assistance.

    • Thank you for contacting me. Please see the top cash paying survey site list page, at the bottom of this page you can see “International Top Paying Surveys List”. You can find top cash paying sites from here which accept your country.

  10. Hi,I am from India and I want to do online surveys. Please give some assistance on how to get started and where to find honest survey sites which truly give out payments to panelists. Thanks.

    • Hello, thank you for contacting me. For survey assistance, please read some of the important articles on my website which are listed on the right column of the main page titled “Important articles for surveys beginners are listed below:”. To find honest survey sites which truly give out payments to panelists, for your country in India, please take a look at the “International Top Paying Surveys List” on the main page.

  11. You want to win amazon gift card by doing online surveys. Thank you for the list. Lots of survey sites offer amazon gift cards as one of the reward choices, after collecting enough points, you can redeem.

  12. Hi, I am trying to search on YouGov,but its very complicated. Where to start?its very confusing. How to use this survey site? Thanks.

    • It is a very good survey website. Unlike other survey sites, this one let you express your opinions in a very easy and direct way. It constantly sends out surveys to panelists and the surveys just let you express your opinions about current affairs and they always reward you at least 500 points. It also has polls which for opinions only. I would suggest this site to anyone because their surveys are very easy to complete and each time you definitely be rewarded for points.

  13. Wow! A big lists of survey websites here. I have tried some and they pay very well. I will take a look at others as well. Thanks a lot.

  14. How do I find my balance of amount earned for payed surveys when I cant remember what email my jobs 2 shop account was under?


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