Advice for taking paid online surveys

Here is some advice for taking paid online surveys:

No 1: NEVER PAY a PENNY to register a survey website. A legitimate and paid online survey website will never charge you a penny.
No 2: NEVER quit your job to be specialized in doing paid online surveys. Paid online surveys can let you earn some EXTRA money in your life but it can never replace a formal job salary.

No 3: Just use your spare time to do surveys and do not let surveys occupy your normal life. Taking surveys could be a hobby for someone to discover new stuff in life, express ideas for new or existing products or services. Once you feel it is a burden of your life or a waste of your time, please stop taking surveys and go out for a picnic!
No 4: Keep your profiles up to date. Go to survey websites to update your information periodically, it will help you get more survey chances.

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