Alerts of Paid Online Surveys

Today I want to talk about some alerts of paid online surveys. A couple of months ago, my husband’s boss let her daughter take paid online surveys to earn some extra money for her tuition. So she is a total newbie to paid online surveys. Her experience of taking surveys was not very pleasant, instead of earning no money; she paid extra $18 on her cellphone bill. Her parents began to get upset and let her quit taking surveys. I was wondering what happened to her because before that I gave her some instructions on taking paid online surveys in case she would be trapped by some scams. My husband told me that she did follow my instructions but she got confused with something. So I think it is necessary for me to explain in detail in my article to warn more survey participants to pay attention to future surveys from her failure experience.

First of all, as a new survey participant, please do not believe some survey sites which promise you that you will earn BIG MONEY or steady income to take their surveys. I watched some videos on which claim that you can earn $2000 per month by taking surveys at home. If reality is really like that, the US government no longer needs to provide welfare to poor people then. The most experienced or called a “professional” survey participant can earn at most close to $300 per month, but most cannot earn that much which depends on how much free time to take surveys.

Second, lots of survey websites redirect surveys from other survey websites, for example, Survey A site may redirect a survey from Survey B site, if you fail to qualify the survey, they may ask you whether you want to take another survey, you need to see which page you are on, if you are still on Survey B site, I suggest you do not mess around to continue to take a new survey provided by Survey B site because Survey A site may not credit the points for you for the new survey.

Third, do not easily accept to install any new adware or software requested by a certain survey website without serious consideration. They will all say it is safe to your computer without tracking any information or offer you extra incentives if you install it and keep it on your computer for a period of time. If you do not do online banking with your computer and do not mind this point, you can install of course, but I am always very careful about it, so I never take these offers.

Fourth, when taking a paid online survey, be careful of some popup windows; make sure of anything before you click on any buttons of these windows.

Fifth, do not provide any survey websites your cellphone number easily unless it is the one you are familiar with or you will take a survey to test their product which you may need to provide your mailing address and phone number for UPS to deliver the product to you.

Lastly, be careful of some cellphone surveys, make sure you have unlimited text messages and the surveys are provided by a trustworthy and well-know survey website.

I hope the information I provided above can solve my husband’s boss daughter’s problem and also be helpful to you.

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