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American Consumer Opinion

American Consumer Opinion panel is one of the best international survey websites. It accepts residents from all countries to join and reward members with cash in exchange for participating in online surveys. They pay cash for each survey you complete. Survey incentive ranges from $2 to $50, depending on the length of the survey. Minimum payout is $10 through PayPal or check. It takes 2 to 4 weeks to process the payment. The minimum age to join the panel is 14 years old. All registered members are entered into monthly drawings for cash awards.  

American Consumer Opinion panel may not send you many surveys as some of the other survey websites but usually their surveys are high quality surveys. As my understanding, they do not want to waste your time and they make you feel “hungry” for taking surveys. After you complete the online registration process, you need to check your email and click on the link to confirm the registration.

For each survey of American Consumer Opinion, they will send you a short “screener” to determine whether you mach up with the topic of the survey.  Just by responding you will be entered into the monthly sweepstakes of $10,000. If you are qualified for a survey, you will receive a series of more detailed questions.

According to my calculation, in about 6 weeks, you may receive 1 survey email from them (depending on your personal profile, some may receive more or some may receive less).
Their survey invitation emails are in standard format, the following information is included: survey length, compensation in USD, survey finish date, survey reference number and survey link. I do not often receive survey emails from them but from the survey emails I received, my calculation for their “Hourly Survey Salary” is around $15 per hour which is really good!

You may find the following formula useful before taking their online surveys.
For example:
Survey Length: X  minutes
Compensation for Follow-up Survey: $ Y
60 * Y / X = ? $ per hour

As a reliable, high quality and truthful survey company, I strongly recommend American Consumer Opinion to you!

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  1. I sign up for this survey website. They do not send out many survey invitations but once in a while I can still do a few surveys provided by them. The survey payment is not bad. It does not keep me busy but I does keep me participating.

  2. American Consumer Opinion–When Can I get Paid?

    I am a member of this survey panel for a couple of years. I have never had any problems with them just till recently. Last month and this month I went back to school for a course so I ran out of time to do any surveys. I have a cash out at this survey panel in April which was approved payment in April but I have never got paid for that and till now already 3 months passed. I have another pending payment cash out in early June and they never approve for that. Their cash out progress is first you request payment, then they approve it then they pay you, they changed the status in your account from request to approved then to paid. I am pretty positive that they have never paid me for that April approved payment. I just want to ask “American Consumer Opinion, what is wrong with you????” I wrote through the contact form on their website and called their phone but no one reply my email and my call was always directed to someone’s voice message. I just want to get paid. I hope I can voice my opinion here and see whether other members of this survey panel have similar problems or not. Thanks!

    • This is the follow-up of my previous post. I got paid yesterday after I wrote an email directly to the president of that survey website–Anne Parks. She replied very fast and solved my problem in a very efficient way. I feel appreciated. This American Consumer Opinion is still a very good survey website in my heart. I would like to recommend it to anyone who likes to take surveys.

      • Thank you for leaving comments on my website. American Consumer Opinion is a very good international survey website, they will address your problems properly but sometimes it does take some time because they have lots of members.

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