Daily Rewards Survey Review and Guidance

Today I want to introduce a very good survey website to Canadian survey participants. It is called DailyRewards.
This Survey panel gives members $5 signup bonus. You can be rewarded by reading emails, taking surveys, playing games and watching videos. After registration, you can complete quick and easy general profile survey, interests survey, household survey. You will be paid $1 for Completing these 3 surveys and get more chances to be qualified for more future surveys. DailyRewards sends PaidEmails based on your activity in their program. Members who actively participate may receive up to 3 PaidEmails per day.

The benefits of Joining this survey panel are:
• Earn $.50 to $10.00 per survey.
• New surveys available daily.
• Influence the products of tomorrow by giving your opinion

This survey panel is very cool, lots of opportunities for you to earn easy cash in your free time so why not register and have a try? As an honest and truthful Canadian Survey panel, I would definitely like to recommend DailyRewards to you.

Survey Downline Review and Guidance

Today I want to introduce Survey Downline to my readers. I joined this survey website a few months ago and so far I have very good impression of this panel. Survey Downline is currently available to the United States, Canada, UK and Australia. You could make $100 per month for doing Survey Downline surveys. After you complete a survey, it takes approximately 4-6 weeks for the incentives to credit to your account. In the survey email invitation, you will know the incentive of the survey which is typically between $1-$5. Once your account reaches the minimum redemption threshold, the site will allow you to pick your reward and redeem.

Below is a list of the rewards:
Magazine Subscriptions – $10 minimum redemption
150 Facebook Credits – $15 minimum redemption
PayPal Cash Payment – $20 minimum redemption
Canada, UK & Australia:
150 Facebook Credits – $15 minimum redemption
PayPal Cash Payment – $20 minimum redemption

As a truthful and high quality survey panel, I strongly recommend Survey Downline to you.

MySoapBox[ClickIQ] Review and Guidance

MySoapBox[ClickIQ] is a very good survey website. It used to be called ClickIQ. I have been a member of ClickIQ for about 3 years. Now it changed its name to MySoapBox. There weren’t many surveys when it was called ClickIQ but now I can receive many surveys sent by MySoapBox [current name] every week. The minimum cash out point is 25000 which worth $25. They used to credit 25 points for trying each survey even if you fail to be qualified. MySoapBox offers payments such as all kinds of GiftCards or PayPal. Their surveys are generally short and easy to answer, takes less than 8 minutes to finish and the incentive is relatively higher than other survey sites.

As a very honest and high paying survey website, I definitely want to recommend MySoapBox[ClickIQ] to you.

Jobs2Shop Review and Guidance

Today I want to introduce Jobs2Shop to my readers. By joining Jobs2Shop, you can get paid to shop with the world’s largest Mystery Shopping companies! Evaluate products and Earn up to $85 per Evaluation!

Members can earn cash and rewards by checking out web sites, signing up for offers, taking surveys and playing games.

Members can earn up to 50 cents just for opening and reading reward mail messages.

Minimum $12.50 of cash assignments required for each $25.00 payment and the rest can be fulfilled with reward email credits. Members who meet the minimum payout requirement (only $25!) have their payments processed by the 20th of the following month. Jobs2Shop only process payments through PayPal.

As a very honest and high quality survey website, I strongly recommend Jobs2Shop to you.

Swagbucks Survey Review and Guidance

Today I want to introduce Swagbucks to my readers. It is an online portal dedicated to helping you earn digital dollars called “Swag Bucks”, which can be redeemed for exclusive Swagbucks merchandise. You can earn money by doing: 1) searching the web, 2)trusted surveys, 3) shopping in shop & earn mall, 4)voting in the daily polls, 5) watch videos,6) completing special offers, 7) finding swag codes. You can earn 30 Swag Bucks right after you sign up. Swagbucks‘ payment includes PayPal[10-14 business days], electronic gift cards [10 business days — Amazon, Walmart, Target], electronics and more. The minimum payout is 1000 points which equals to $10.

Swagbucks is cool, you can earn money by doing lots of other easy things besides surveys, I definitely recommend Swagbucks to you.

Swagbucks is the largest online rewards site that gives free gift cards to its members for their online activities. Members receive free gift cards for Taking Surveys, Shopping, Searching the Web, Watching Videos, and Playing Games. $5 bonus for new users. Swagbucks.com awarded over $55 Million in rewards to users across the US, Canada, UK, Ireland, and Australia. Join Swagbucks today!