Paid Online Survey Beginners Guide and FAQs

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Commonly asked questions about taking paid online surveys:

What are Paid Surveys Online and how does it work?

Paid surveys are as simple as the title itself — they are surveys, mostly online, that people get paid to complete. There are some companies that really do pay you to take surveys online. These are market research companies that are hired by major companies to conduct research studies of their products or advertising methods. Big corporations spend Billions of dollars every year on advertising. They then hire market research companies to see if their advertising is working. In return market research companies will pay you a small fee to test a product or give your opinion of a commercial or other type of advertisement.

Can I Really Get Paid To Take Surveys Online?

Believe or not the answer is yes. There are some companies that will pay you to participate in paid surveys, focus groups, product tests, etc.

Will I Really Make $250 An Hour?

NO! It is claims like these that cause everyone to think that paid surveys is a scam. It is possible to be invited to participate in a focus group that pays $50-$100 and only takes an hour of your time. But you will be lucky if you were to get more than one of those a year. The average paid survey pays between $1 – $8.

Should I Pay To Join A Paid Survey Site?

NO! A legitimate paid survey site would NEVER make you pay to take their online surveys.

Why do survey companies ask for personal information? Is it safe?

Survey companies ask for personal information like age, gender, hobbies, number of children, pet, annual income, etc. so that they can build a database of people and their coresponding demographic information. This allows the market research panels to match potential survey takers with the product or service being studied. Some survey panels may ask for your address for several purposes–to send a new product to your home to test. The important thing to remember is that your contact information will NOT be revealed, sold or given to any third parties or clients by any legitimate survey companies .Although this rarely occurs, if a client requests to be able to contact you for additional information regarding the survey topic, the survey company will provide the client your contact information ONLY if you have agreed to this. The agreement will be clearly stated in the form of a question in the survey or survey registration. If you do not want your information to be shared with the client, you would simply indicate this in the question and the survey company will not share your information with the client.

How Much Can I Expect To Make?

That all depends on you. You can make a couple dollars a month with one paid survey company. Or you can make a few hundred with several. It all depends on how many surveys you take. The more paid survey companies you are registered with, the more paid surveys you will be invited too, and the more money you will make taking paid surveys online. You will usually be asked a few questions prior to taking a survey to see if you fit the demographics they are looking for for that particular paid survey. You will not be qualified for all paid surveys.

How to choose good paying surveys? Do I need to take all surveys sent to me?

Sometimes you have to take the good with the bad. It doesn’t mean you have to do every survey that comes into your e-mail inbox, it just means that you have to put yourself out there, and then filter them. There is also the sweepstakes factor too.

How Do I get Paid?

Each paid survey company will have its own payment system. Some will send you a check for each survey you take. Some pay you through Pay Pal. Others use a points system where you earn points for each paid survey and the points can be cashed in for cash payments, gift cards, or other merchandise. Some paid surveys will enter you into drawings or sweepstakes. Getting paid can range anywhere between a few days, or 4-8 weeks when waiting for a check.

Where Can I Find Real Paid Surveys Without Paying For a Membership?

You can search them on, or you can use the listed paid survey sites on my blog. I only list legitimate paid survey sites which have paid me. Once again, Never Pay A Fee To Join a Paid Survey Site.

What Are Some Good Paid Surveys To Join?

Please check Top Cash Paying Survey Sites for details.

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      Legitimate and good survey panels will never charge you a fee to become a member, instead, they will pay you to complete online surveys. If there is any survey panel would like you to pay to become a member, please avoid them.

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