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Today I want to share my recent experience of taking paid online surveys. For the consecutive two weeks of trying to take as many surveys as possible, I got a feeling of the difficulty of taking some HOT survey sites’ surveys. Why say so? I tried to respond the surveys as quickly as possible, usually within 1 hour or at most 2 to 3 hours after the survey invitation but when I clicked on the survey link in the emails; the returned pages were always “Reached Quota, thank you for your interest in participating our surveys, please try the next survey.” If this happens to you, you should feel lucky because you did not waste any time on those surveys, just close the browser and delete that email is fine. But to me, during the past two weeks, something really UNLUCKY happened.

I did one SurveySpot two parts survey. I successfully finished the first part using about 20 minutes, but by the time I should take the second part survey, they already reached quota, when I checked my account, they said I started the survey without completion, so did not reward me any points. That is really unfair. Another time I did successfully finished two GlobalTestMarket survey, but at the last step submitting the surveys, error pages return said “Quota filled”. I wrote an inquiry email to them and asked about this problem, they replied as “According to our system records, you were screen out of the surveys”. Similar thing happened once on OpinionOutmost too.

I do not want to blame these survey offers, just feel myself not so lucky, so when I see the “two parts” surveys provided by some websites now, I do not quite dare to take them again because I do not know whether I can take the second part in time and finally get rewarded.

The following survey websites are too HOT now and it is difficult to participate their surveys on time before the quota is filled:
1) SurveySpot
2) GlobalTestMarket
3) Opinion Outmost

Unless some really low payment surveys may take a while to finally reach quota, such as 20 to 30 minutes for 50 points ($0.5) surveys offered by SurveySpot or 3 entries to $300 daily cash drawing and 3 entries to $20,000 quarterly prize drawing offered by GlobalTestMarket, other relatively good payment surveys are very competitive now and the quota will be filled in a very short time (usually less than half an hour or even shorter, like 5 minutes!).

Unlike some survey sites, such as MyView and ViewPointForum, these HOT sites do not control the number of valuable members and try to find “TOO MANY” participants. By successfully completed certain market investigation, things happened on me recently do hurt some of their members’ feelings in some kind of way, so I want to write this article to express myself and let my voice be heard.
Finally I want to say “If you are lucky, grab your chance to participate in the good paying surveys when the timing is right for you!”

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