How much you can earn at most from Toluna

Today I want to update my reviews about Toluna according to my recent test calcuation on my earnings monthly from this survey panel.

Do you know how much you could earn from doing Toluna surveys and polls to collect at the minimun for 60000 points to cash out for a $20 check per month? Except a few of the luckiest persons who could win the sweeptakes, I only talk about common members who participate Toluna surveys. I used myself to test the maximun amount of earnings I could earn from Toluna by quick responding over 90% of the surveys they send to me for 2 months and login to my account to do their polls everyday, flush the page frequently to get new polls…. Among the 90% surveys I cannot tell the exact percentage of how much I was disqualified (over 80% I guess), but only the surveys I finished and sucessfully credit to account, all the points I collected together the monthly earning for me is about $40. Different members with different backgrounds the monthly earnings from this survey panel may vary but as a very common Toluna member like me, the maximum monthly earning of $40 is reasonable and may work on the majority of Toluna members.

Toluna is one of my favorite survey panel. It provides lots of high quality surveys. If you are intersted in doing online surveys to earn some extra cash, I strongly recommend Toluna to you.

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