In-depth help on taking paid online surveys

This article will help you with detailed explanations and tips of taking paid online surveys.

First of all, you need to remember: Your honesty is most important for helping others to improve their services or products.

Second, as of some general statistic questions, you may need to answer in detail, such as your gender, age, birthday, marital status, etc.

Third, some sensitive questions you may also need to answer in detail, such as your total household income before tax, your sexual orientation, political orientation, etc. If you choose “Prefer not to answer” to these questions, you will be automatically screen out for lots of surveys. One thing you have to understand is that these are the necessary information for certain survey analysis and your answer in the survey is confidential and protected.

Fourth, some surveys may need you to install certain kind of software on your computer or plug-in in your browser, if you do not accept the installation, you will be screen out of the survey.

Fifth, some surveys with lots of multiple choice questions may need you to choose an answer they requested as a control of “RUSH” or “FAKE” survey participants, fail to choose the right answer will lead to failure of taking this survey.

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