International Top Paying Surveys List

Below is a list of International top cash paying survey companies I summarized. They are real and honest, offer lots of survey opportunities and chances to earn or win cash. 🙂 This list will be updated often if I find more good online survey sites in the future. 😉

International Top Paying Surveys List

  1. GlobalTestMarket Canada Panel and Germany Panel Review
  2. Swagbucks–AUSTRALIA, CANADA, IRELAND, UK, US Panel Review
  3. Survey4Profit UK and Australia Panel Review
  4. American Consumer Opinion Global Panel Review
  5. YouGov Global Panel Review
  6. Survey Downline US, Canada, UK and Australia Panel Review
  7. MySurvey Australia Panel and UK Panel Review
  8. PanelPlace-UK , France Panel and Germany Panel
  9. Unique Rewards UK Panel Review

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    • You do not need to have it translate into English. When you click on the link on my website, the top No.1 in my Top Cash Paying Survey Sites which is GlobalTestMarket, the page you will be directed to is already in English. Then you can become a member of GlobalTestMarket and start earning money. They pay you cash through check or paypal, now they provide more options to cash out such as gift cards [Amazon, etc.] Minimum cash out is 1050 points which worth $50. Lots of surveys will be sent to you through the week so you have plenty enough chance to earn lots of points. Average you can earn from $75 to $100 a month by doing their surveys.

      • The international top paying survey site list is very helpful for participants out side of US. I pretty much signed up each one of them on this list.

  1. Thank you very much for providing the US, Canada and International top paying survey site lists, they are very helpful and informative.

  2. How do I start earning money by reading this blog? I can see there are lots of survey website review articles and some tips on doing surveys. But I just want to start earning money quick by doing surveys ASAP? Can I directly start by signing up the survey websites listed here? Thanks.

    • If you have time, I would suggest you read more tips and reviews but if you are lack of time, you can just directly sign up the survey site lists. Or you can take your time to read some reviews such as the top 10 of the US list, Canada list or International list before you sign up. It is up to you. But if you really want to just directly earn cash ASAP, you can just go ahead to sign up from the lists which is relevant to you so you can start doing surveys right away!

  3. This top cash paying international survey site list is very informative and helpful. Thank you for this good information.

  4. Hello. I would like to do some online work without being charged a fee, plus I can earn some easy money with my free time. I do find helpful information here about surveys which can help me earn some easy extra cash.

  5. Hi! I am Emma Lacia and I am from Philippines. I want to earn money as my part time job . How can I register paid survey sites since I am in Philippines?

    • Dear Emma,
      Thank you for contacting me. You can easily register some international survey sites listed on my survey blog. They are all famous online survey sites and they will definitely pay you for finishing their surveys. It is like a “part time” job doing online surveys and it is time flexible.

  6. Hello

    Trust your day is going well
    My name is Mary i am 24 and a single i work but i want to make more money to take proper care of my child and myself
    how can i register cause i am in Nigeria

    Warm Regards
    Mary Ntui


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