Ipsos i-Say -Survey Review and Guidance

Ipsos i-Say is a very popular Survey Panel. Both Ipsos i-Say US Panel and Ipsos i-Say Canada Panel send out lots of surveys almost everyday. Surveys are usually consumer surveys about different types of products. Ipsos i-Say provides opportunities to test products and it also provides chances of focus groups which pays very well. Surveys provided by Ipsos i-Say are usually easy to answer and in standard format, very good quality, seldom any technical problems occur. The minimum payout is 1000 points which is worth $10. Members earn loyalty points for taking surveys. Popular rewards includes PayPal cash reward or amazon gift-code. A brief listing of loyalty points is listed below: 5 surveys 25 points; 10 surveys 50 points; 25 surveys 100 points; 50 surveys 200 points ; 75 surveys 250 points; 100 surveys 300 points ; 125 surveys 400 points; 150 surveys 500 points; 200 surveys 600 points.

Surveys provided by Ipsos i-Say usually reward 45-90 points for 15 to 20 minutes. Sometimes reward 200 points for 30 minutes per survey. The payout is very good comparing with other survey websites. I have been a member of this survey panel for almost 5 years and can earn a steady income from it every month. I strongly recommend Ipsos i-Say to you.

According to different locations, either US or Canada, survey participants can join their own Ipsos i-Say panel.

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