Ipsos Surveys New Site and Policy

Today I visited Ipsos-Hispanics Panel, Ipsos-African Americans Panel, Ipsos-Canada Panel, Ipsos-Australia Panel new survey website. It looks very neat and cool. I tried to login but my old password was refused so I requested a new password from them and login my account to check the new updates. My point balance has been increased a lot! As it is said “The points program has undergone some changes. As of April 1st, the value of a point has increased and can be seen in both your point balance and the number of points you will earn for taking surveys. Your point balance has been increased 10 fold, meaning if you had 25 points, you will now see 250 points in your account balance. And instead of earning 1 to 50 points you will now earn between 10 to 500 for most of the surveys you take. If you respond to 10 surveys you will earn 50 bonus Loyalty points but answer 50 surveys you will earn 200 bonus Loyalty points.”

The minimum payout is $5 American Express Gift Card = 500 points (Their old policy is $5 check =50 points)

For example, if you have 50 points in your account in the old system by the time you can cash out $5 check, your point balance multiplied by 10 by the new system that will be 500 points still worth $5, but it is an American Express Gift Card. So the new point policy does not change the point value of the old system much, instead, they add more point policies to members.

The old policy will reward you at least 1 point (10 cents) just for participating, the new policy (Loyalty Program) will reward you at most 5 reward points (5 cents) for just participating each survey.

Below is a summary of loyalty points offering:
5 surveys 25 points
10 surveys 50 points
25 surveys 100 points
50 surveys 200 points
75 surveys 250 points
100 surveys 300 points
125 surveys 400 points
150 surveys 500 points
200 surveys 600 points

I hope my math calculation is correct. The new point program make things a bit complicated because you may not easily figure out the true value of your account point balance by a complicated point system and lots of point policies like loyalty program or bonus points, anniversary points, etc.

Anyway, as a reliable and legitimate survey website which can offer relatively better payment, I still recommend Ipsos-Hispanics Panel, Ipsos-African Americans Panel, Ipsos-Canada Panel, Ipsos-Australia Panel to you!

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