Jobs2Shop Review and Guidance

Today I want to introduce Jobs2Shop to my readers. By joining Jobs2Shop, you can get paid to shop with the world’s largest Mystery Shopping companies! Evaluate products and Earn up to $85 per Evaluation!

Members can earn cash and rewards by checking out web sites, signing up for offers, taking surveys and playing games.

Members can earn up to 50 cents just for opening and reading reward mail messages.

Minimum $12.50 of cash assignments required for each $25.00 payment and the rest can be fulfilled with reward email credits. Members who meet the minimum payout requirement (only $25!) have their payments processed by the 20th of the following month. Jobs2Shop only process payments through PayPal.

As a very honest and high quality survey website, I strongly recommend Jobs2Shop to you.

60 thoughts on “Jobs2Shop Review and Guidance

  1. I have been with jobs2shop for a while now and have always gotten paid, this month they did not pay me, I had 50 dollars pending in my account and on the 20th there was only 25 dollars and they said they paid me, but I never received the money in my paypal and after sending numerous emails and support tickets, they still have not gotten back to me. What is their phone number? Does anyone know? I would not complain but credit cards were charged for the cash assignments I completed and I want the money I earned.

    • Thank you very much for this information. I did a search and try to help you with jobs2shop phone number but I cannot find it. You need to keep on opening new ticket till the problem is solved. I have an article here called “The importance of survey site contact” on the right side with a link, I suggest you read it. I encountered similar things like you but I keep on contacting, and it finally got solved. Send your proof of which day you got charged with the credit card for the project you did and get your rights back. I support you. Please keep me updated.

    • Jobs2shop did not paid me on July 21 2014. I still have a pending payment. I haven’t received any incentives I earned according to recent cash out. The support of jobs2shop was not very efficient and helpful.

      • I just got paid by Jobs2shop according to the recent cash out. They are back on track and I got paid really fast. Job2shop survey website is definitely legitimate and I will give it 5 stars and recommend it to you.

    • am glad to join jobs2shop but wenever i click on any evaluation so that i can work on it but i found that all is vanity and i dnt understand

    • can u plz guid me through this . I have joined this servey website rescently and I have no idea how to complete the evaluation and get paid. plz guid me through this thing if u can.

    • I have over $75 in my acct but I can’t get it bcuz only half the evaluations are met. This is ridiculous. I’m not signing up for all that crap and putting my info out there to all these sites. Now, all of a sudden my account disappeared after being a member forever, and I went from getting a million emails to none in over two weeks. I earned that money and I want it. Where’d my account go.

  2. Hello, I want to let you know that there are times I cannot register some survey websites or take survey by clicking the link in my email because the survey is from another site, such as the survey invitation is from jobs2shop but it directs me to another survey site when I click on the link. I tried to use the library computer to take surveys but the library is worried about viruses and blocks surveys. You must check with library’s concern or provide all your items through your own jobs2shop sites only. I have more than 20 to 30 jobs2shop email in my account which I cannot take because of this problem. What can I do? Thank you.


    • Dear MIRANI,
      Thank you for contacting me. First, I would not suggest you to use the library to take surveys. It is not safe for the protection of your personal information. All the problems you described above is caused by the filters of the library computer system. They do not want virus. So to solve your computer, please get a personal computer and take it at home, definitely not any public places with public computers. I hope this helps.

  3. Hi, I joined job2shop recently and I have been earning some cash in my account but I haven’t get paid yet because I haven’t met the minimum cash out amount. I just received my PayPal card. Do you think I should activate the card even if I haven’t get paid? Thanks.

  4. I am not sure what mail or website information you are seeking, so if this is incorrect please let me know. I just completed watching and visiting #1974 letter eval $20.00 Laissez Faire letter evaluation. This was 40-45 minutes long and at end you are asked to subscribe to this newsletter. It is a special price of $49. This does not seem like an evaluation but a solicitation. When you click on complete what happens? Can you cancel? I would like to earn the $20.00, how can I do that???

  5. Our support team is in place for users like yourself who have been experiencing issues.
    Please create a ticket by clicking the “contact us” link at the very bottom of the main webpage and we will resolve your issue within 24hrs.

    Feel free to contact us anytime.

    Jobs2shop Support Team

  6. Good luck getting paid from them. It took me forever to get enough for a payout and I finally got enough and I go to payout and they say they only send through paypal but the email address I signed up with is not my paypal address so I sent them several support tickets to change my email address and they will not respond. You should be able to change your email in your account information but you can’t change anything but there is no account information available to look at or change. I also looked everywhere for a phone number for this place and nothing is available.

  7. When I try to do some of the evaluations on jobs to shop for maybe 7.00 or more when I click on begin servey it always says invalid access. I have sent many tickets trying to for find out the problem but I get no answer as of yet. I could really use the money the evaluation is offering please help me earn more money than .50

  8. I have not been paid had $50 payout and not recieved nor heard anything else from them since asked for payout

  9. I’m sorry if my question is silly, but English is my second language and I didn’t understand: what do you mean by “cash assignments”?
    Do I need to buy any product to cashout?
    I receive 4-5 emails from Jobs2shop everyday and suddenly I earn 10 cents just for clicking on “No, thanks”. This is very strange. I don’t expect generosity from companies.
    Everybody knows that any business purpose is making money.

    Anyway, is it serious? Will I cashout when I reach US$25?

    I tried to contact support, but the page asks my passcode. There’s no reason for that. Passwords are private.

  10. Your site is a scam. Your instant cash evaluations will cost me way more than the check I will get from you. In order for me to get a 50 dollar check from you I need 25 dollars in Instant cash evaluations, which I will probably end up spend 300 of my own dollars just to get a 50 dollars from you. How is that making money, we are losing way more money then we would be making.

  11. halo,
    iam jimmy i have many time request to jobs2shop for send money to mypaypal,but jobs2shop not sent the money,i have earn in account is about 50 $dolars,until this time when i want fill out evaluation is locked by greedy man the website paid survey home,must to pay for fill out survey,please help me,sent half is ok,dont to much or avoid the payment earn that someone already do it ,i remember jobs2shop said must have account paypal,after that i have account,jobs2toshop said you dont payment in my email clear ,i have earn 50$dolars,please help me,
    jimmy,3 october 2015

  12. I just started job2shop and all of a sudden it says peanut lab and I click it and bam I’m subscribed but I don’t remember that and now I can’t earn my money that I’m supposed to get.Can someone please help me? Tell me what is going on and what do i have to do to stop this and get paid well

  13. I want to unsubscribe but when I tried ti click on the link to it wouldn’t alow me to, please unsubscribe me!

  14. i want to cashout 25$ but not transfer this money my paypal accout my current balance is 38.01$ please help me

  15. I want to earn more from job2 shop, but am able to earn only click on evaluation link and getting only .10 cents per click. and can per day only max $1, after for evaluation am not authoraised or oops, or sorry evaluation is closed like pages high lightened. Please authorise me to earn at evaluation websites to earn more. And one more thing is my job2 shop mail is not my paypal mail id , is it solve at the time of payout time?

  16. Like the surveys. I do not always have money in my PAY PAL ACCOUNT. I need to do the surveys, that i can pass up using a credit card. The video’s, and everything else is great. I am also on a little income. Thank You, Carolyn Franklin

  17. Scam 100% and the never pay
    The support department is horrible, they treat people as slaves,they don’t reply to any tickets created.

  18. I’ve been waiting on payment from them for 4 months. I requested a payment in February, they put my account under review. Cleared it in June and said they were releasing payment. Then within a day said I was again under review and said I needed to prove I live in the US. Still a week later and no response. I saw they have a BBB rating of F.

  19. I was registered with job 2shop site and when I opened my email on my phone my stuff did not transfer to my phone how do I Get it back

    • The Better Business Bureau reports on them are terrible, I was posting them but they took them down.
      There’s a great site called ‘The work at home Mom’
      She has so many different kinds of jobs on there, including surveys but do your research first because I got burnt by viruses on my computer and not just scammed out of money
      Good luck

  20. What else do i have to do ? Can u please tell me ? I am a sty home grandmother wanting to earn extra cash to help out with bills.

    • There’s a great site called ‘The work at home Mom’ she has a million jobs on there and every kind you can think of.
      No matter what it is, do your research because I ended up with a virus on my computer and scammed out of money
      Good luck

  21. I have joined your team and iam already making money. now my question is, do you pay money to PayPal accounts that have not been validated. .?I have experienced the same problem with other surveys saying they cannot pay me since my account is not validated. will you pay me or not. .??reply please. I would like to know if I will continue with survey or not. and can’t you just send me a cheque instead. .?

  22. can I claim my money by cheque. ??or can you still deposit it in my PayPal account even if it’s not validated. .??reply please

  23. I have not received any email from Jobs2Shop to do evaluations for quite awhile. Am I still a qualified member?

  24. i have just signed up and was trying to do my survay the first one and this dam computer keeps saying this site cant be reached and you all said i only have a little bit of time left to do it in now what i even got mypasscode and all that sort of jazz

  25. Why can’t I find any surveys??? Peanut labs keeps eating them!!! What happened? I thought I was doing this through jobs2shop, not some place peanut place probably in Virginia.

  26. I need to know this…I just cashed out so as far as my PayPal account will jobs 2 shop have my account on record for my deposit.. Or how is it linked for them to know of my account with PayPal???

  27. My Name is Ms.Jamesetta Davis and then yes I would love to be in your corporation I would love to do that and I’m going to pray and ask the Lord GOD to open up more doors for y’all so y’all can get what y’all want and I can follow right behind you I do need a job I am homeless been homeless for 7 years and two months. I need help because I need to get my kids back I don’t have a home but I am still out to and fro in the streets I go to different people houses to wash my clothes and wash all so I won’t get sick

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