Mind Field Online Survey Review and Guidance

Mind Field Online

Mind Field Online is a truthful survey website.

Currently they only accept registration from US and Canada.

They pay US dollars for each survey. The minimum payout is $5.00. Payment is made via check or PayPal. You need to provide your valid mailing address during registration if you decide to request payment by check. Once your account balance reaches $5.00, you can request payment. Payment process is 1 to 2 weeks. PayPal payment needs another 2 to 3 work days to process or it will take another 4 to 6 weeks for mailing a check. It does take some time for you to get paid by them.

According to my experience, I can get 2 survey emails from them every month. Survey length is usually 18 – 20 minutes or 20 – 25 minutes or 8 – 10 minutes. Payment is $1.00 or $2.00 for each survey.
Their survey email invitations are in standard format: provide survey # number, reward and length information, so it should be easy for you to track your completed surveys.

“Survey hourly salary in USD” for Mind Field Online is around $3.00 – $6.00 per hour according to my calculation. It is a bit low, lower than US minimum wage but you may still choose some survey topics which you feel interesting. Participation sometimes is more important than purely earning money from surveys.  You will never get nothing by taking their surveys. Even if you are disqualified, you will be entered into a drawing conducted once every month for cash prizes totaling $500.00.

You may use the simple formula I summarized below to count the value before taking their surveys:

For example:

This study will take between Y minute to complete. Should you qualify for and complete all study requirements your account will be credited $X within 10-14 days once the total quota has been met for this study.

60* X/Y = ?$ per hour

As an honest and friendly survey website, I recommend Mind Field Online to you.

3 thoughts on “Mind Field Online Survey Review and Guidance”

  1. MindFieldOnline is a very good survey site, I have been a member of this survey site for 3 years. They send out high quality surveys at least once a week and they pay through paypal or check. The payment is always on time. I like MindFieldOnline.

  2. I am trying to do these surveys, as I recently became a member, but they always say I am in the wrong geographical area. So frustrating …

    • Hi Linda,
      Do not feel frustrated. It is normal. Some surveys may need survey participants to be in a certain area in order to meet their requirements. One thing you may need to check is your profile, make sure to fill that out in detail so you will only get surveys that meet your profile and you will be qualified for surveys easier. Not all the surveys come to bother you.


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