Mobile phone text message surveys by GlobalTestMarket

Today after I took a GlobalTestMarket survey, I was informed that they are now offering a great new way for panelists to take surveys. They are currently inviting panelists who have unlimited mobile texting plans to earn rewards by taking text surveys on mobile phones. These mobile surveys generally take 5 minutes to complete and similar to online surveys, will offer rewards.

Anyone who is interested in mobile surveys, need to review and agree with the Terms of Use first, and then provide GlobalTestMarket with your mobile phone number. When a mobile survey request arrives on your phone, you can accept or decline to participate. You can opt-out anytime.

I think mobile text surveys is a good and fresh new way to take surveys, it allow you to voice your opinions anytime, anywhere, without having to go online! I strongly recommend you to have a try if you have unlimited mobile texting plans! Sign up to GlobalTestMarket now!

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