MyPoints Survey Review and Guidance

MyPoints is my favorite website. US and Canada residents can join MyPoints. MyPoints is a reward network, just like when you earn miles on an airline or cash-back on a credit card. The difference is that MyPoints is flexible. You don’t have to stick with one store to earn Points, and you don’t have to take your rewards in just one form. They have many partners for members to shop with and redeem from.

As a member, you can earn reward Points for shopping at hundreds of brand-name merchant sites, responding to email offers, taking surveys, clicking on ads, doing searches online, booking travel and playing online games. Then you can redeem Points for gift cards and certificates from the same wide range of stores, restaurants, airlines and hotels.

The minimum point is 1550($10.00 K-Mart gift card) to 1650(Wal-Mart gift card).
The following reward information I summarized below you may find useful:
3850 points = $25.00 Gift Card
1500 Points = $10 Barnes & Noble Gift Card
1550 Points= $10 Burger King Gift CARD
1600 Points = $10 Home Depot Gift Card
1550 Points=$10 Kmart Gift Card
1600 Points=$10 Lowe’s Gift Card
1550 Points=$10 SUBWAY Gift Card
4500 Points=$25 Visa Prepaid Card
1650 Points=$10 Wal-Mart Gift Card

Points Gaining Tips:

(1)Earn up to 60 Points (once) when you complete your profile. A complete profile ensures that you receive the best and most relevant offers right to your inbox.

(2)Keep on clicking “MyPoints BonusMail” and earn 5 points for each email. According to my “Dummy Calculation”, as long as you click on 310 such emails, you will earn $10.00 K-Mart Gift Card. They almost send such emails everyday, 2 or 3 and sometimes more. You can also log in your account and click ads on their website under Home-> Tell Us & Earn Points on the right column of the webpage.

(3)Never give up a “MyPoints Survey Mail“. Most of their survey mails worth 50 points but they will not tell you the survey length. Good thing is that even if you do not qualify, you can still get 10 points and it only takes 30 seconds or even shorter to screen you out. According to my “Dummy Calculation”, as long as you participate 155 times, you will earn $10.00 K-Mart Gift Card. They will send you survey emails periodically, so you got lots of chances.

(4)Easy Points from MyPoints:

1) Install the PointFinder. I suggest you have 2 browsers on your computer, IE and Firefox. Set one you usually use to pay your bills or login your emails and install PointFinder on the other one. This way I feel safe. You will get 100 points for installing PointFinder and each month try search at least 31 times to earn 75 points. According to my “Dummy Calculation”, as long as you keep on doing this for 1.5 years, you will earn $10.00 K-Mart Gift Card.

2) Frogpond. Under Easy Ponts, you will find Frogpond. Keep on checking it each time you visit MyPoints website and you can find website listed there. Choose the one which can let you earn 25 points and visit it, post your comments and send an email to someone to recommend that website, you will get 25 points. This may only take you 2 to 3 minutes to complete.

3) Others. Other easy points methods you could have a try like Games Center, Max Points, Registration, Points in Store. I haven’t tried these yet.

4) Earn points from your network. Invite your family or friends register MyPoints and you can earn 25 Points each for the first 20 in your network – up to 500 Points! You can choose them from your yahoo, gmail, hotmail, aol or facebook, etc.

(5)Keep an eye on “MyPoints Contests and Promotions”, “MyPoints Member Benefits” and “MyPoints Newsletters”. Sometimes they have special offer to members, like double search point for 1 month or bonus points, etc.

If you use all the tips I summarized above, it won’t take you long to get enough points for a $10 gift card (1 or 2 months at most). Gift card will be mailed to you within 4 to 6 weeks, so you need to provide a valid address during registration. Currently they only accept members within US.

All in all, MyPoints is a great website to me and I strongly recommend it to you and your family!

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