MySoapBox[ClickIQ] Review and Guidance

MySoapBox[ClickIQ] is a very good survey website. It used to be called ClickIQ. I have been a member of ClickIQ for about 3 years. Now it changed its name to MySoapBox. There weren’t many surveys when it was called ClickIQ but now I can receive many surveys sent by MySoapBox [current name] every week. The minimum cash out point is 25000 which worth $25. They used to credit 25 points for trying each survey even if you fail to be qualified. MySoapBox offers payments such as all kinds of GiftCards or PayPal. Their surveys are generally short and easy to answer, takes less than 8 minutes to finish and the incentive is relatively higher than other survey sites.

As a very honest and high paying survey website, I definitely want to recommend MySoapBox[ClickIQ] to you.

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  1. mysoapbox is a very good website, it provides lots of survey opportunities and more incentives than before. I was a member of ClickIQ and now I am a member of mysoapbox. The basic cash out value is still $25, no cash incentive options anymore but more types of gift cards, I do not mind anyway as long as I can earn more points to redeem.

    • You should be “worried” about it. When I joined just a few months ago (after your 4/29/14) post, the site said the minimum number of points to be eligible to redeem was 10,000. It took quite some time since most surveys are either closed or difficult to qualify for, but I did finally earn over 10,000 points. Sure enough, the moment I try to redeem, I’m told “I only need 25,000 MORE points” to qualify for redemption. So that would make the minimum 35,000. Apparently, when they began they had a 5,000 minimum. And some early members were rewarded (like the person who recruited me), but now it’s degenerated into another scam site. I lost a little time (shame on me), but I hope that I can warn a few others (put the shame on mysoapbox).

      • You need to contact them, call them if possible and tell them your experience. If you cannot call, at least contact through email. Usually someone should respond. Tell me what happened after you contact them.Thank you for leaving a comment here.

  2. I also like this survey site and I’m almost at 30,000 points and I can’t find anywhere that offer PayPal as a cash out option. I was hoping that once I reach 30,000 that a PayPal option will appear. Anyone know the answer to this one?


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