MySurvey Review and Guidance

MySurvey is a very good survey website, US, Canada and Australian residents are allowed to register.

Members will earn 10 to 200 points ($0.10-$2.00) for most surveys. Points are accumulated in member’s Rewards account and can be redeemed for cash and prizes. The minimum payout is $10.00 =1000 points (1 point= 1 penny). Payment is made by check and it usually takes 6 weeks for mail delivery.

You need to provide your valid mailing address when you register this website. Most surveys will credit your account within a week after complete a survey, but for a small percentage of surveys, they do not credit your points until the entire survey is closed. So you need to check your points periodically.

You can check the points received for surveys you have taken in the past 12 months and the Points earned for each survey. If the survey you took does not appear on this list a week later, you should email them to correct the problem.

When taking their surveys, IE browser is always preferred. They have a referral program which you can send emails written by them to your relatives and friends, once a person you refer registers and takes the First Chance Survey (sent 1 to 3 days after registration), you will earn 150 Reward Points($1.50). As long as you can successfully refer 7 persons, you will earn $10 cash!

MySurvey will provide you many survey chances, they will invite your household members to participate in their surveys too, so there is no wonder they send you an email to let your husband or children to complete. They will tell you about it in the survey email.One household can only register one account, and they require members at least 14 years old in the United States.

On average, you can receive an online survey invitation every one or two weeks. Surveys vary in length. On average, online surveys take about 10 minutes to complete. They typically provide an estimate of survey length in the email invitation. Survey link is not provided in the email.

You will have to log in your account at their website to complete the survey. There will be no credits accumulated if you are not qualify but each time you login the site, you will earn another chance to win this month’s sweepstakes with a grand prize of $10,000 and be entered in today’s Rewards Extravaganza Giveaway-one lucky panelist earns 10,000 reward points ($100.00 cash).

You may use the simple formula I summarized below to count the value before taking their surveys:

For example:

It will take about Y minutes and you’ll earn X reward points.
0.6*( X/Y) = ? $ per hour

According to my experience, the “hourly survey salary” paid by them is from $0.75 to $3.00 per hour. They provide many chances for you win a great prize so I think it worth my recommendation.

As an honest and friendly survey website, I recommend MySurvey to you.

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  1. MySurvey actually changed a lot, they send out more surveys to members than before and add the incentives to each surveys according to the time needed. I would say they improved a lot than before so I still want to keep my membership there and keep on doing their surveys.


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