NPD Online Research–SweepLand Survey Review and Guidance

NPD Online Research – SweepLand

Today I want to introduce a very interesting and special survey website to you. It is quite different from other survey websites because I think it is much more entertaining and very suitable for those who are interested in gambling or buying lottery tickets in real life. This website is called NPD Online Research – SweepLand.

SweepLand is NPDOR’s sweepstakes program where taking surveys earns you valuable entries to exciting sweepstakes. To anticipate in SweepLand, you must be a current member of NPD Online Research (NPDOR) panel. Panelists can earn SweepLand points for every survey they take. After each survey, panelists can play the instant win game to win up to $500 cash, 500 bonus points, and other great prizes. After you play the instant win game you will immediately find out if you are a winner. Bonus points will be immediately deposited into your account.

This program is open to legal residents of the 50 United States and Canada who are 13 years and older. NPDOR Panelists can earn points by completing periodic, eligible NPDOR surveys and playing the SweepLand Instant Win Game.

Points can be used as entries into exciting sweepstakes on SweepLand Prize Board to win great prizes. One point equates to one entry. Points have no cash value and cannot be redeemed for the prizes themselves. You can accrue your points as long as you remain an active NPDOR Panel member. SweepLand accounts that have had no activity for a period of 12 months will be closed and all points forfeited.

The SweepLand Prize Board is where SweepLand members use their points. Points can be added or subtracted until each sweepstakes has closed. If you win a prize, you will be contacted via email by a representative of Marden-Kane, Inc.

As an exciting survey website especially suitable for those who are eager to try their luck to win a big prize, I strongly recommend NPD Online Research – SweepLand Survey Program to you!

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    • They do send out surveys all the time and it depends on your profile. You may just have to wait for a while and I am sure you will receive their surveys soon. I do not receive surveys from them all the time but only once in a while.

  1. I like this site because I like to try my lucks. It provides lots of surveys for me to try my luck so I do not have to spend extra money to buy lottery now.


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