Opinion Surveys Review and Guidance

Opinion Surveys is part of Toluna. There are some good survey sites such as Opinion Outpost, CashCrate and InBoxDollars pay you for completing Opinion Surveys daily. You can visit Opinion Surveys website at your region to participate surveys directly and to get a chance to win $5000 too! All you have to do is just to fill out at one time the following information: first name, last name, street address, zip, gender, employment, date of birth, race, education, income, email, country, ethnic background. You can choose to take part in Toluna surveys or would like to be contacted for future surveys and opportunities.

Join Opinion Surveys you could get a chance to win big-$5000 by sharing your opinions. Take Opinion Surveys you can evaluate new products and share your opinions, experiences and ideas in meaningful ways. Once you have completed the survey you will automatically be entered for the cash prize drawing!

According to my experience, Opinion Surveys are generally short, interesting and easy to complete. It does not take long for you to finish one survey. Opinion Surveys are free to take and it is available to 28 different countries and regions. Different countries have different age requirement to enter and participate Opinion Surveys:

Opinion Surveys USA and Canada: You must be a US or Canadian resident 13 years or older;
Opinion SurveysUK: You must be a UK resident 16 years or older;
Opinion SurveysAustralia: You must be a Australia resident 14 years or older;
Opinion SurveysIreland: You must be a Ireland resident 16 years or older;
Opinion SurveysIndia: You must be a India resident 14 years or older;
Opinion SurveysChina [including HongKong]: You must be a Chinese resident 16 years or older;
Opinion SurveysBelgium, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, : residents 15 years or older;
Opinion SurveysRussia, Norway, Poland, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Japan, Greece, Turkey: residents 16 years or older;
Opinion SurveysBrazil, Portugal: residents 18 years or older;
Opinion SurveysMexico, Swtizerland, NewZealand: residents 15 years or older.

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