Paid Online Surveys Guide Step by Step

This article is a step by step instruction guide for those who are willing to take paid online surveys. It is helpful to those who are already a survey member too. By sharing my personal experience and methods, I hope you can get a simple, right away, correct and successful start!

Step 1: Choose a few paid online survey sites suitable to you. Do a little research on Google and read my Paid Survey Sites Review articles. I do not suggest you register over 25 survey sites. If you register too many survey sites, your email box will be bombed with bulk of “junk mail”. Considering your time, choose ENOUGH survey websites suitable to you, so you can take your time to do each survey sent to you.

Step 2: Register a PayPal account especially for accepting payments from surveys. Register a PayPay account is for free.

Step 3: Apply for a special email account (for example: Yahoo email) for registering survey websites ONLY. I suggest this email address match the PayPal email you registered above.

Step 4: Register survey websites using the email address you just applied. Do not forget to confirm survey registration emails from different survey websites and add their email address to your address book. This way you can make sure your survey account is activated and survey emails won’t be sent as “junk mail”.

Step 5: Create 4 folders in your email box: “Survey Registration”, “Completed Surveys”, “Important Info”, and “Survey Site Contacts”. Use Survey Registration folder to save all the registration information. Use Completed Surveys folder to save all the surveys you have successfully completed. Use Important Info folder to save important emails. Use Survey Site Contacts to save emails you contact customer support, etc.

Step 6: Respond survey emails as quickly as possible. Most surveys will be closed after reaching certain amount of population. Some well paid surveys or easy surveys will be closed after a few hours. So do not miss any good chance!

Step 7: Use enough time to read the information in each survey. Be honest and DO NOT rush. If you are caught cheating, your account may be cancelled. If you RUSH and finish a survey so quickly, you may not be rewarded even if you see “Congratulations! You have successfully completed the survey!”

Step 8: Save important information of the survey you have successfully completed such as survey invitation emails. Some surveys you need to save information separately since the invitation email may not include enough useful information. Especially pay attention to the survey incentive payment time, some surveys will reward you the points or USD 3 to 5 days later or 10 business days later or even longer, so DO NOT forget to check periodically! No one could be more responsible to you except yourself!

Step 9: Request payment. You can create an Excel Sheet to track your points offered by different survey website. Once it reaches the minimum payout, you can request payment from them. The Excel Sheet may include the following information (column): Survey Site name, Website, My Balance or Point, Minimum Payout, Payment Request Date, Other Info, etc.

Step 10: Wait for payment. You have to be patient waiting for your payments either by check or by PayPal. It usually takes 4 to 8 weeks to process a check. Make sure to check your mail often and have a clear mind of the date when you should get your check. If you have not received the check for a period of time, contact them and tell them you have saved a record of survey emails or when you have requested a payment.

Now you get all the necessary survey preparation experience from me, you will have a smoother and clearer start than me!

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