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Survey Savvy

Survey Savvy is an international survey website. They pay for every survey that you qualify and finish. The minimum payout is $1.00 and they will pay you in check. It usually takes 4 to 6 weeks to process the payment. They currently do not support PayPal payment, so you need to provide your correct address during registration. If your earning is below $600.00 per year from this website, you do not have to provide your social security number (residents in US). You may need to provide a valid phone number when you register but they may not really call you by validating your registration or survey answers unless they have to do so.

According to my experience, you need to update your Member Portrait at their website periodically in order to receive more survey opportunities. The advantage of this website is that you do not have to wait till you collect enough points to get paid, they do not owe you anything each time you successfully complete a survey. Even if you do not qualify, they still provide you a chance of monthly drawing for fifty $10 prizes. Once you registered their website, you will receive about 4 survey chances through emails per month. The survey length and number will be included in the survey invitation email. I will use this formula to decide whether it deserves my time to do the survey or not:

For example,

Estimated length of survey: Y minutes

Incentive: $ X

(60/Y) * X = ? $ per hour

If it is below the minimum wage 7.5 $ per hour, I usually pass it unless it is a topic I am really interested.

One thing you have to be careful, most of the invitation emails will include survey length and incentive but I did receive a few emails without that information, so you have to make sure of it before you click on the survey link and begin doing the survey. It is always wise of you to have a clear mind before spending your time and energy on any surveys.

The surveys I received from them in a typical month paid from $4 to $18 per hour according to my formula. That is a great difference from low pay survey to medium pay survey. You need to have a sensitive sense towards such info.

As a real, reputable and truthful survey website, I strongly recommend SurveySavvy to you.


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  1. I used to try out Survey Savvy by requesting $1 check payment from after successfully finish a $1 survey. Although it is slow for them to process this low payment by mailing a check (waiting time is 7 to 8 weeks), I truly received their payment. So now I have more trust in them and I am willing to do more of their surveys in future.

  2. I joined this survey panel half a year ago. It sends out surveys often and usually with good rewards. I like it very much.


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