Survey Savvy Updated Review-Process of getting my check (to be continued)

Survey Savvy Updated Review-Process of getting my check (to be continued)

After another week’s waiting, around August 3rd, I wrote back to Survey Savvy Customer Support again as follows:

Dear support,
I requested a payment for $43 on 5/X/2011, it has been 3 months till now I still haven’t received the payment. In the last email it was said it usually takes 4-12 weeks for this process and mine meets the 12 weeks requirement. I hope you could help me check whether the check has been sent or not. Thank you very much.

Member of your survey panel

They promptly replied on the same date as follows:

Thank you for your participation in the SurveySavvy community.

There has been a delay in processing member’s payment requests due to
our replacing our check printing machine. Your check in the amount of
$43 is scheduled to be mailed out from our offices in check batch #XXXX
within the next 2-3 weeks. I apologize for the delay and any inconvenience.

Please let me know if I can be of further assistance.

I am here to help.

Then I promptly replied them as follows:
Thank you very much, so if I cannot receive the check next month this time, I will contact you again.

Member of your survey panel

One thing I love about my survey review website is that I can express myself and track my problems through taking surveys and requesting payment. So next time I will contact them about the delayed payment will be around end of August or early September. The process is really hard and slow, as a person of great patience, I can deal with that, so remember to track your survey experience and never give up. Survey Savvy is a real and honest survey website which will definitely pay you but their service for sending out payments is not so good, cannot compare with GlobalTestMarket and OpinonOutpost. They are my favorite two survey sites. If there is no comparison then there will be no improvements. I wish my “sound” about Survey Savvy could be heard and shared with other survey participants. No matter what, I still recommend Survey Savvy survey panel to you. You need to be as patience as me to be their member.

The process of getting my payment will be continued till I receive the check.

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