Survey Savvy Updated Review

Survey Savvy

I requested a check from Survey Savvy in early May this year but till the middle of July I still haven’t received it then I wrote an email to SurveySavvy support. I got the following reply:


Thank you for your participation in the Survey Savvy community.

Our records indicate that you requested payment in the amount of $XX on

Members generally receive their check within 4-12 weeks of their
request. We have updated our website to reflect this information. All
our processes are automated internally and we make every attempt to
consistently administer payments. Several factors may affect this
time-line, from incomplete member information to long-running projects.
Payments cannot be made until the close of the project. From time to
time, checks may be held up due to an escalation of requests and time
required to process.

As a member you earn incentive payments when you, your referrals, or
their referrals complete surveys. While we do not pay for referral
sign-ups, we are working diligently to increase the number of available
surveys so that we can offer you and your referrals more opportunities
to earn through completed surveys.

One week after this reply I still haven’t received my check, it has already been 11 weeks. I am not complaining about ths slow process of prossing and receiving the check because Survey Savvy is an honest survey site althrough this is really a drawback of their service. Anyway, if you do not take it seriously and constantly keep an eye on checking your check in the mail, I think you should stick on doing their surveys and refer your family or friends to join it because you may earn referrals payment without doing surveys.

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