iPoll–SurveyHead Survey Review and Guidance

iPoll is one of my favorite survey websites. It is an international survey website which opens to the following countries : United States, Canada, UK, Australia, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Netherland. iPoll offers lots of surveys and you can get $5 by just sign up. After you sign up, you generally can receive their survey invitation in the email many times a week. You can also login to their website to find surveys under your account. This survey website is well-organized. Each survey will list the name and number, survey time length, incentive. It only take a few seconds to test whether you qualify a survey or not. Your earnings will be listed in your account clearly. The minimum cash out is $25. They can deposit the payment to your PayPal account. You can also request Amazon Gift Code, Prepaid Visa Card, etc. It is a very formal and trustworthy survey website with very good reputation and that is why I strongly recommend it to you. The customer service is very good too. I earn a steady income from iPoll each month and I believe you can do as good as I do.

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4 thoughts on “iPoll–SurveyHead Survey Review and Guidance

  1. Surveyhead use to be a good survey site but it seems to have really gone downhill. Over the last few months the number of available surveys have dropped to approximately zero and I have several credits still pending at least 4 months. Customer service gives nothing but excuses.

    • Surveyhead is still a very good survey website, it clearly lists all the surveys suitable for you in the member dashboard, time and incentive and also the survey topics are listed. It is very easy for members to choose which survey they would like to take. It still provides very good reward such as cash and amazon giftcode. For some surveys it may take sometime to credit to the account, usually 4-6 weeks but if it is too long, you can contact the customer support, they always reply on time and solve the problem. I do not have any problems with SurveyHead and I still strong recommend to my readers.

  2. I am a panel member of SurveyHead for 5 years. They do have lots of surveys provided to members, you got to login to your member dashboard to check it out. Lots of times I could not complete a survey due to several different reasons and got frustrated. I think SurveyHead should improve their service by providing more “participatable surveys” which is easy to complete.

  3. I joined this survey panel a few weeks ago and I got a $5 sign up reward, it did not take me long to earn close to $25 because they provide plenty enough surveys so I think I can cash out soon. So far I am very satisfied with iPoll.Thank you for your recommendation.

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