SurveySpot Review and Guidance

SurveySpot is a very good survey website, one of my favorites. They have numerous survey opportunities for their members every day. Once you register the website, you will receive survey invitation emails every day. According to my calculation, I can receive 3 to 6 survey emails from them everyday.

Currently, they only accept US residents to register. They allow one email address per household to join. The member who joins should be the person who wants to take the most surveys, other members of the family can still take surveys (Some invitations ask for the participation of other household members).

The average survey will take around 15-20 minutes to complete, and the questions are very easy to answer. In general, you can expect a survey to remain in the field for a period of 3 to 5 days.

For every survey you take, you will receive one entry into SurveySpot’s quarterly cash sweepstakes, where following the end of each quarter one lucky recipient will win $25,000 in cash! SurveySpot panelists are also provided the opportunity to play the Instant Win game in order to obtain additional sweepstakes entries or other prizes at the end of every survey.

Some surveys also include points (minimum payout is $10.00 (PayPal) = 1000 points) for panelists who successfully qualify for and complete the entire study. Your PayPal account should matches the email address used when registering with SurveySpot.

Not every survey offers points. The survey invitation will identify whether or not a particular survey offers points.

SurveySpot survey emails are in standard format. Survey Number, Personal Code, Survey Length and Points to be rewarded for completing the survey are included in the email. Please read the information in the email carefully: NOT ALL the surveys reward points or US Dollars, some ONLY reward you to play the instant win game and sweepstakes.

According to my calculation, SurveySpot survey payment is from $1.5 to $15 per hour (low to high). The “Average Survey Hourly Salary”; of SurveySpot is about $5 to $8 per hour which is just okay.

You may find the simple formula I summarized helpful to you before taking their surveys:

For example:

Survey Number: A777777US

Personal Code: 1000000000

Survey Length: X minutes


If you qualify for and complete this survey you will be rewarded with: Y points

0.6 * Y / X =? $ per hour

SurveySpot will provide you lots of survey opportunities everyday, I strongly recommend it to you.

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  1. I earned $11 from SurveySpot for 3 surveys within 3 days, totally used 1 hour. I get paid through PayPal within 10 second. I found the articles on this website are very useful because it can help me make the best use of my time, do the surveys which deserve my time and get paid well.


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