The importance of survey site contact

Today I want to share my experience of contacting survey sites to tell you the importance of survey site communication.

After successfully finish a survey, it is very important that you check the payment by the time it is available. This maybe 4 to 8 weeks after a survey but Do NOT forget about it!

I did a survey which said I would be paid $8.00 one month later, but by the time I found out I did not get paid. So I contact them immediately and asked why I did not get paid. It is a very famous university research lab. They had a little problem finding my data and asked me to provide the necessary information about that survey. I saved the survey invitation email and replied immediately. It is their problem not paying me in time. I believe they truly had some technical problems and ignored the payment. By the correct information I provided, they found my data finally and paid me the same day I request the payment. Now you can see the importance of contacting survey sites to protect your own rights. If I ignored myself and forgot the payment, did not contact them in time, my time and effort used in that survey will forever in vain with no return.

Another experience is that I used to have technical problems updating my profile on a very good survey website. I tried many times but always fail, so I contact them finally and asked help to get my information changed. They did it in time before I request the payment.

A few months ago, I successfully finished a survey. It took me about 30 minutes. But at the last page they said I am not qualified, only rewarded me the basic points for participating. I got angry and contact their customer service, told them what happened in detail and let them check. One month later, they finally approved the points I should be rewarded. I got my rights back again! I still believe it is their technical problem but if I have “technical problem” for myself, my time and energy will be wasted.

I also contact some survey sites when I got confused about their new policy, such as the change of reward points, etc. They replied me and explained in detail.

When doing a survey, you may meet technical problems. You need to contact them too, tell them what happened when you do the survey to help them solve the problem and improve the quality of future surveys. You may not get back to continue that survey again but it is still necessary to report the problem. As a member of a survey site, you have the responsibility to help them improve.

You may also contact survey sites when you have new ideas or suggestions, or complain about something to let your voice be heard. Good survey sites value their members very much, they will hear what you say and try to improve their service.

In a word, do not forget to write an email to customer service when you have problems with a survey or payment, etc. You will have a general impression on different survey sites’ service by contacting them. Your job is not finished before you successfully receive the reward of a survey.

2 thoughts on “The importance of survey site contact”

  1. I used to seldom pay attention to my reward after successfully finish surveys. I think most survey sites I joined are honest and will pay me finally. I did not expect so many problems could happen. As you suggested, it is necessary to keep records of the finished surveys. I need to check all my survey accounts today. Thanks for reminding us.

  2. This article is very good, your survey review blog is good too. I finally found a nice website which could help survey participants let their voice be heard. I used to register a survey site called BuzzBack. I did a survey which said would reward $2 but they never paid me. After a few emails contacting support, they said they would finally pay me but need to wait for another 4 to 5 months. And due to their website update, without any notice, they canceled my membership. I feel very disappointed about this survey website. I think a good survey site would value members’ rights, anyway, won’t treat members like that!


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