Track Your Survey Earnings Carefully-My Experience with Toluna

Today I want to share one of my current survey experiences with you in order to talk about the importance of tracking survey earnings carefully. I received a payment in check from ToTolunaluna a couple of days ago. Because from this year, I have been doing more and more surveys from Toluna so I requested payment from them frequently, usually about two times a month- $40. I was not really pay attention to the letter along with the check that day, only at a glance I noticed that the date of the check was a closer date than the other one which I was waiting to arrive. Then I read the check payment letter in detail. I found out some problems because it seems a payment earlier than this one was missing.

I hurried up and wrote to TolunToluna a customer support as follows:

Type of Issue: Survey payment
Summary: Missing payment for : Check 1/16/2011 60000 # 306XXXXX Processed
Problem Description:
Dear support,

I saved all the survey payment records from you but I do not see this survey payment [Check 1/16/2011 60000 # 306XXXXX Processed], if possible, please help me check whether this payment has been mailed or not. Thanks.

I did not receive this one but I received the one I requested later than this one so I got confused.

Reply #1 I received 11 days later is as follows:


Please accept my apologies for the length of time you have had to wait for a response to your inquiry. We have experienced some teething problems with our new helpdesk ticket system and for this reason a number of tickets have been overlooked. We are very sorry about this.

I have contacted our incentive department regarding your missing check. I will update you shortly.

Thank you for your patience.


Additional Notes from me a few days later:
Dear support,

I sent the missing payment issue to you a week ago but I haven’t heard any reply yet. I truly did not receive the payment for “Check 1/16/2011 60000 # 306XXXXX Processed” , I saved all the payment records you mailed to me which provides the records of Request Number, check number and payment amount. I think you could check the check number for that payment to proof that check has never been cashed till now, I do not know whether it is mailed to me or not or it is missed by the regular mail delivery but I am sure I did not receive that payment. I hope you could believe my honesty and look into this issue as soon as possible. As an honest and reputable survey company, I believe you could give me a fair reply and solve this problem. Thanks.

Member of Toluna,

Final reply 3 days later after I found the customer service number online and called them after leaving a message about missing my payment is as follows:
Dear member,
We have responded to your case about “Missing payment for : Check 1/16/2011 60000 # 306XXXXX Processed”. The response is:

Our incentive department has re-credit your account with 60,000 Pts so you should be able to request a new payment.

We are very sorry about this problem.

Thank you for contacting us.
The Toluna Team

My problem was finally solved in two weeks. I do not blame Toluna for missing my payment because as a big and reputable survey company, I believe they have countless survey members and issue numerous checks every day, it is possible that they make a mistake and miss a check for you. It is hard for them to check every payment in detail but you have the responsibility to check your payment yourself. The good thing about Toluna is that they include a detailed payment letter along with the check for you to keep a record. The letter makes things easy for members to track earnings during the year. I almost carelessly ignore one payment for myself so I want to remind you to be careful and be responsible if you are a survey participant of any survey sites. Tracking your survey payment in detail is very important because you are the one who spent the time and energy doing the surveys and you deserve the incentives you should get and you are also responsible for yourself to get what you should be rewarded.

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