Track your survey payment and contact survey website support

Today I want to talk about the importance of tracking your survey payments and contacting survey website support. I wrote an article about this topic before but today I want to discuss with you again from my recent experience with a survey website.

This survey website is Socratic Forum. I used to always request the check payment from them as soon as I collect $5 in my account. Their check process progress is very slow. Usually you have to wait for 8 weeks to receive the check, but they did not miss a check payment for me in the past. The problems I had with them recently are as follows:

  • Check payment I requested on 12/5/2010 showed in my account as processed but I have never received that check after 8 weeks.
  • 12/14/10 Amazon Gift Code I requested showed in my account as processed within 3 weeks, I did not received after nearly 8 weeks.
  • A survey I completed on 12/30/2010 as it is said should credit $3 in my account after 2 to 4 weeks. I did not see I was awarded after 4 weeks.

After all this happened to me, I wrote emails to their member support 4 times without a reply. So I have to finally call the support to get any help. Luckily I saved all the invitation and incentive confirmed emails from them so I have the proof to show my rights. I forwarded all 3 emails to them and finally got the problems solved. I got the Amazon Gift Code immediately, $3 for the survey I completed finally credited to my account, the 12/5/2010 $5 check payment request RESCHEDULED (still pending 8 weeks on the way to my house!)

I do not know why this could happen to me but I think this kind of thing could happen to anyone who may not be so clear and good at tracking their payments. I do believe some survey website may have some temporally technical problems dealing with member’s payments and their honesty, the most important thing is that you have to be responsible to yourself and you need to get what you really deserved.

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