Understanding Survey Sweepstakes

Survey Sweepstakes offer you a chance to win some lucky prize when you join a survey site or participate in surveys. When I was a survey newbie, I do not quite understand what Sweepstakes is but after a period of time of study and personal experience, I want to express some of my view and analysis of Survey Sweepstakes.

A sweepstake is a drawing for prizes from the pool of people who completed a particular survey. Currently, lots of survey websites offer survey sweepstakes to their members. Sweepstakes is just like lottery in real life. The difference is that you do not have to spend a penny to buy any lottery ticket; you are automatically put in the pool for drawing prizes or cash by sweepstakes of survey sites. Your chance of winning is close to “Zero”, that is 0.000…0001%.

I have never bought a single lottery ticket in my life because I never believe I can win a prize from it. My husband has bought some lottery tickets occasionally but each time I blame him for wasting money on “Money Fortune” dream. We all know that sometime your fate is in your hand but lots of times your fate is in the palm of others. Sweepstakes is just like that by handling your survey “Money Fortune”. We can change the things we have the ability to change but Sweepstakes is something we can do nothing about it. So my attitude towards Sweepstakes is “Just let it be”, never put any hope on it or you will feel disappointed FOR ALWAYS. For example, an International survey website changed its policy recently from at least credit 5 points participating each survey to offer 1 entry into monthly sweepstakes. From the day the Sweepstakes policy begins, it is really hard for me to credit my account balance. I feel very disappointed about their Sweepstakes. I quit every survey sent to me which offers “Sweepstakes entries ONLY” because I think it is almost equal to say “I only offer you a money fortune sweet dream”.

I am not blaming Sweepstakes since it can truly save you the money on buying lottery tickets. Instead of improve the overall members benefit; survey sites’ Sweepstakes reward ONLY 1 or 2 lucky buddies to meet people’s “Sudden Wealth” expectation. Sweepstakes make me think of a famous Chinese old saying “Waiting for meat pies dropping from the sky!” Have you ever thought of how many meat pies Sweepstakes will offer? Anyway, it is there and no matter you are willing to join or not, you are automatically in it to try your luck!

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