Useful Tools for Taking Paid Online Surveys

Today I want to recommend some very common but useful tools to help you finish paid online surveys more efficiently.

We all know at the beginning of a survey invitation, you will be notified the average length of a survey, such as 15 minutes or half an hour. You should not finish the survey much earlier than the estimated time length or you will be judged as “RUSH” and disqualified for incentives. So the first tool I recommend is a Timer. You can use your cell phone timer or any other timers around you. You can finish the survey maybe 1 or 2 minutes before the estimated length with no problem but not 10 minutes earlier.

The second tool I recommend is a calculator. In order to make sure whether it is worth the time and how much you get paid by taking a survey online, I think it is necessary to count the “Average Hour Survey Salary” too. Paid Survey Sites Review and Guidance could be a good reference to you.

The third tool I recommend is the search engine, such as, or When you do a survey, you may need to answer some detailed questions, such as price and brands, etc. It is possible that you bought a product several months ago and you forgot the brand name or price. Now it is the time for you to do a little search online. It will help you remember lots of things and finish the survey successfully.

The fourth tool I recommend is graphics tools, such as Paint (All Programs–>Accessories–>Paint) on Windows Operating System, or Photoshop. When you do a survey, some may include picture information or long introduction of a product. You may need to answer a series of questions about it without seeing the detailed information again. So you may want to save some of the information temporarily for you to answer these questions. Paint or Photoshop is very helpful at this point. Use this method to operate: click on the PrintScreen button on your keyboard, then start the program (such as Photoshop), choose the command File–>New, Edit–>Paste (Ctrl+V).

The fifth tool I recommend is a small notebook and a pen. Take some short notes during a survey to help you remember some useful information. Maybe you won’t use it today but someday you may find it helpful. To be a conscientious man in life will help you succeed.

The last tool I recommend is whatever you got at hand, Microsoft Excel, Word or even a piece of paper. Write down the date of the survey you successfully finished and estimated date you will get paid. Set the timer on your cell phone to remind you check the payment.

Now you are all set! With the above tools I recommended, you will do paid online surveys with a clear mind and finish the surveys efficiently and smoothly!

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  1. This article is very helpful to me, I have been trying all the tools and methods you mentioned in this article, it really helped me successfully completed many surveys! Thanks!


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